This Way is a spiritual Way that works.  It is a designed syncretism between Christianity and Buddhism, a context with elements of both.  The Christian elements are highly influenced by Sethian and Valentinian Christian streams, and the Buddhist elements by the Zen tradition.  Terms from both streams will be used.  This Way doesn’t have any kind of name; it’s just a Way that happens to be effective. You can choose to do it, or not to do it.  

This Way is designed for developing gnosis within its specific context.   It is not “Gnosticism,” which is a different modern tradition entirely. It was not “divinely inspired,” “channeled,” or any other such stuff. It is not dependent upon any kind of “Apostolic Succession” or lineage.

It does, however, produce results.

This Way is predicated on the following formula:

Gnosis = Awakening (Word + Wisdom)

Or, G = AL + AS

Gnosis must be a deeply personal experience, but not every deeply personal experience is gnosis.

According to this contemporary approach, true gnosis (G) requires three variables:

A: An Awakening Event – This might be an epiphany, a theophany, a revelation, etc., but it must be personal and must be experienced.  Way persons may participate in and perform the Christian Sacrament of the Eucharist, and perform and recognize the validity of the other Christian Sacraments.  The primary practice for the cultivation of awakening, however, is contemplative.  A number of contemplative practices are available to the Way person, including, but not limited to zazen, vipassana, ascent prayer, etc.  A basic practice that has worked can be found on this site.

L: The Word, or Logos – An informational context into which one can place the awakening event. Remember that one of the meanings of Logos is “word,” but it also means “faculty of reason,” “discourse,” “law,” “pronouncement.” Jesus Christ, as the Logos, represents the deliverer of discourse– in Buddhist terms, we may find similarities to the Buddha as the Living Dharma. In the Sethian myth, Jesus carries forth the Discourse as an extended faculty of reason initiated in the Pleroma by the Divine Seth. The preexistent Logos within the Pleroma is the Christos, which manifests within the World of Forms as living information. He is the instructor who institutes the sacraments– information. He teaches the Way to his disciples– information. He facilitates the presence of the Nous within each of us– information.

Way persons may choose to participate in Buddhist Sanghas or Christian Congregations.  They also may establish zendos in their areas, or practice as individuals. 

S: Wisdom, or Sophia – The wisdom to apply the awakening event through praxis within one’s holistic life. This is Sophia, tempered by faith, who carries us forward in our day-to-day existence. She delivers the essential Wisdom necessary to apply the teachings of the Logos to day-to-day life. With her infinite compassion, she descends through the spheres of the Archons to engage the spirit in each of us and allow us to develop compassion for all beings. She allows us to perform the sacraments presented by the Logos wisely, and fills our actions with content, keeping us moving forward and upward as we climb the ladder of emanations towards the realms of the Pleroma.

Wisdom manifests for the Way person via the Four Virtues– Inquiry, Compassion, Humility and Service, and the Precepts, ethical guidelines suggested for each of us.

For the Basics of This Way, follow the links at the top of the page. For more advanced facets and ideas, check the list of articles on the left.